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How Big Are Your Markets?
Use the B2B Market Sizing Tool to Find Out.

Excel in B2B Markets

To increase your business in B2B markets, you need to know where to find opportunities. The B2B Market Sizing Tool generates detailed market size estimates for your selected segments.

  • Total addressable market by detailed segment

  • Serviceable addressable market by detailed segment

  • Served obtainable market by detailed segment

With this tool you can:

  • Replace days or weeks of hard work collecting and analyzing data with minutes of smart work exploring countries, industries, and business sizes to pursue for your business

  • Evaluate key segments around the world

  • Target market segments to pursue now

  • Identify market segments to address in the future

  • Decide where and when to deploy marketing and sales resources

  • Empower planning and execution throughout your business to help increase your sales, revenue, and profits

  • Inform investors about the size of your market

  • Analyze markets of M&A candidates

In the tool, select your segments and enter your customers' average purchase prices, average contract values, or average relationship values for each relevant business size segment.

You immediately receive detailed market size estimates for all of your selected market segments. With this information, you can:

  • Make better-informed business decisions

  • Develop better marketing, sales, and corporate plans

  • Share a single source of truth throughout the organization

  • Align the activities of all functions for efficiency and effectiveness

Successful B2B Companies Use Mountains of Data to:
Target Prospects
Win Business
Gain Market Share

Now, with the B2B Market Sizing Tool, you can quickly and easily get comprehensive and detailed market segment estimates:

  • Without hiring expensive consultants

  • Without spending your time compiling, cleaning, and blending data

  • Without writing and debugging complex code or creating cumbersome spreadsheets

Choose your market segments from among:

  • 129 countries

  • 408 industries

  • 14 business sizes

It's Powerful.


  • Updated data

  • Detailed segments

  • Precise algorithms

  • Fast computation


  • Saves time

  • Saves money

  • Saves resources

  • Yields results


  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Corporate planning

  • Investor relations

  • M&A . . . and more

It's Easy.


Select Relevant Segments

Select countries and industries that represent your markets to generate immediately useful TAM, SAM, or SOM to support planning


Input Average Spending

Input your customers' average prices or average relationship values for each relevant business size to tailor the analysis and results to your business


Select Market Maturity

Market maturity factors align the analysis to adoption characteristics throughout the market with the latest market data to generate your results

It's Done.

The B2B Market Sizing Tool immediately accesses updated data and uses precise algorithms to generate tables for your business

  • Summary tables highlight market segment subtotals for the regions, countries, industries, and business sizes that you selected

  • Detailed tables provide individual estimates for all combinations of selected countries, industries, and business sizes -- with over a hundred thousand rows for the most detailed segment selections

Get It Now.

Receive a Free
Grand Total Market Size Estimate

Just want a total? That's free.

Access the FREE Grand Total Edition of the online B2B Market Sizing Tool.

It uses the same detailed data and estimation functionality.

You receive a grand total market size estimate based on your segment selections and data inputs for average customer values.

Try it today. Just click the button.

Comments from Users

"Everything we need is in the B2B Market Sizing Tool."

David S., VP Marketing

I used the B2B Market Sizing Tool to complete an important company project. I sized our business opportunity across multiple market segments, geographies and price levels. I would definitely recommend this product for complex market sizing exercises.

Jennifer R., CMO

The B2B Market Sizing Tool is a game changer! It's an innovative approach to useful market sizing and segmentation.

It works for us.

Robert B., Marketing Director

Thanks so much! B2B Market Calc has been such a great partner.

We're very happy we chose to work with you on this!

Questions? Comments? Please feel free to send us a note.

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